Privacy Policy

Dear customers, thank you for visiting our website.

We have the honor to present you the Privacy Policy which regulates the right to privacy and safety of personal data which need to be processes.

The following Privacy Policy refers to the website of Ekoterm, Skopje, This policy refers and applies to all domains and subdomains of our work, and appears at the bottom of our website.

Gathering information

As visitors you voluntarily submit your personal information such as: name, surname, address, phone number and email address. These data are used only for the fulfillment of your order. As an exception, they can also be used for marketing aims, if you give the permission. For instance: registration for electronic newsletter by our company. Your personal data will be kept in a form providing identification of the subject submitting them. Once they are no longer needed the information are destroyed.

Cookies, Technology

Websites use technology for following the activity depending on the form, Cookies. This technology is useful for gathering information such as used operative systems, number of visitors, browsing etc. Also, this technology helps improve the performances of the website.

Confidentiality and personal data protection

The employees in Ekoterm are the only ones who hold the right to use your personal data. The data are protected from loss, destruction, forging and unauthorized approach. Special methods for protection of data during transfer are used in accordance with the risk and nature of the information. All organizational and technical measures for protection of personal data are used in order to prevent unauthorized approach.

Use of the website by minors

Minors are not allowed to leave their information without the permission of their parents or guardians. Parents and guardians should teach them to safely handle their personal data online. Ekoterm will never use data from minors without permission.

SHOULD you have any questions regarding the privacy policy please contact us.




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*The information in this Policy is a subject of occasional change, without any previous notification.

Please read and follow the instructions of this documents and we guarantee you safety and a simple transaction.